BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterChange version number to v0.5 and update CHANGELOGEric Anderson8 years
v0.7hib-dlagent-0.7.tar.gz  Yaohan Chen7 years
v0.6hib-dlagent-0.6.tar.gz  Yaohan Chen8 years
v0.5hib-dlagent-0.5.tar.gz  Eric Anderson8 years
v0.4hib-dlagent-0.4.tar.gz  Eric Anderson9 years
v0.3hib-dlagent-0.3.tar.gz  Eric Anderson9 years
v0.2hib-dlagent-0.2.tar.gz  Eric Anderson9 years
v0.1hib-dlagent-0.1.tar.gz  Eric Anderson9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-12Change version number to v0.5 and update CHANGELOGHEADv0.5masterEric Anderson
2014-01-07Give password to curl on stdinDevin J. Pohly
2014-01-07Allow user to enter password manuallyDevin J. Pohly
2014-01-07URL-encode username and passwordDevin J. Pohly
2013-10-19Change version number to v0.4 and update CHANGELOGv0.4Eric Anderson
2013-10-19Fix URL extractionYaohan Chen
2013-07-05Change version number to v0.3 and update CHANGELOGv0.3Eric Anderson
2013-07-05Add support for gnome-keyring-queryEric Anderson
2013-07-05Use a heredoc in usage() instead of many echosEric Anderson
2013-06-15Change version number to v0.2 and update CHANGELOGv0.2Eric Anderson