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masterAdd basic web interface support for matchers.Eric Anderson12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-10-09Add basic web interface support for matchers.HEADmasterEric Anderson
2010-08-21Save config on exit and fix config saving bugsEric Anderson
2010-08-21Use JSON instead of shelve, implement ability to save configuration, and reor...Eric Anderson
2010-08-15Use JSON configuration format instead of INI basedEric Anderson
2010-08-13Implement get_next_feed() and move configuration around slightlyEric Anderson
2010-08-13Major reorganization to become more like a real appEric Anderson
2010-08-13Begin using config file and begin to organize like a real applicationEric Anderson
2010-08-13Quick RSS checker to filter torrents and inform transmissionEric Anderson