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masterStandardized usage for subcapset.pyJoe Anderson8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-05Standardized usage for subcapset.pyHEADmasterJoe Anderson
2014-07-05Fixed to not alter first cardJoe Anderson
2014-07-05Added to demo new iteration algorithmJoe Anderson
2014-07-04Add post-process script to remove sub-capsetsEric Anderson
2014-07-04Revert "Support filtering sub capsets"Eric Anderson
2014-07-04Generalized python scripts for varying capset lengthJoe Anderson
2014-07-03Support filtering sub capsetsEric Anderson
2014-07-03Add option to keep maxim fixedEric Anderson
2014-07-03Add flags and improve usage messageEric Anderson
2014-07-03Add docs for CapsetEric Anderson